Are Security Guards pointless in the modern security world?

Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for
Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for

Are Security Guards pointless in the modern security world?

CCTV, Biometric scanners, AI powered alarm systems. The modern security world is packed full of the latest technological innovation and many of the duties once performed by security guards are now performed more efficiently by machines.

So why are security guards still in such high demand, and why are they still widely considered as the single most effective method of protecting people and property from coming to harm?

The truth is that security guards remain indispensable to the modern world and we would be in a much worse place without them.

They make us feel safe at work or when we visit a local supermarket. They protect our money in the bank and our children in school. They deter criminals and they deal with the ones who are naïve enough to ignore the warning signs.

Security guards have been the best way to protect any location for many many years now, and remain so to this day, although the introduction of technology certainly has changed the security industry beyond all recognition.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of hiring security guards for a modern business, as well as examining how combining technology and manned guarding is the key to a powerful security system.

Life in the old dog yet

There are many industries across the globe where automation has made humans almost redundant.

Security is NOT one of them.

CCTV might detect an emergency situation but it won’t intercept them, it won’t keep your staff and clients out of harms way in the event of a fire, and it certainly won’t have many years of experience to call upon when making key decisions in high pressure situations.

SIA licenced security guards do all this and more. They are a reassuring presence for most and a scary sight for potential wrongdoers. They will patrol all parts of your site looking for any potential security threats and provide reports on their findings that can be used to optimise your future security strategy.

They will also work closely with the police and other emergency services and carefully monitor the entry points to your site to ensure that only fully authorised individuals are able to gain entry.

Even better, they will perform routine duties that would otherwise have been carried out by other members of your staff such as opening and closing your premises each day and answering basic queries that visitors have when they first enter.

The presence alone of a visible security guard gives them a huge advantage over more discreet security technologies and once you consider the active role they will play in maximising and maintaining security you can see just what a powerful tool they can be to have at your disposal.

We have some of the most highly trained and experienced security officers anywhere in the nation here at Select and would be delighted to help them help you to keep your property and people safe.

A hybrid of man and machine

In this article so far, we have looked at the benefits of using a security guard, and all the reasons that the machines haven’t taken over the security industry just yet.

In reality, however, it doesn’t have to be a battle between technology and traditional security guarding. The most effective security systems combine the two to maximise protection and cover all basis.

SIA licensed security officers such as those here at Select Solutions are trained to operate a huge variety of different security technologies. These include using CCTV to identify threats in real-time, using biometric access control technology to ensure that every single visitor to a site has the right to be there, and metal detectors or similar to conduct searches for weapons or other illicit goods.

Security systems that rely solely on either security guards or CCTV are possible, but they do have their drawbacks. Combine the two and you get the best of both worlds; full site coverage 24 hours a day and a real-time professional response to emergency situations that can prevent a huge amount of harm being done.

For advice on which security measures would be most appropriate for your business or property, get in touch with our expert team today and arrange a site survey. We specialise in delivering bespoke hybrid security solutions for commercial customers across the nation.