Biggest physical security threats in 2024

Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for
Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for

Biggest physical security threats in 2024

As the year slowly draws to a close and business owners from across the nation begin to make their plans for a profitable near year, attention turns to meeting the physical security challenges of the future.

A security breach has the potential to do irreparable damage to businesses in any sector and taking your eye off the ball could have devastating consequences. Even if you have had a very successful year security wise with no serious breaches and believe that your existing security system is working perfectly, you should always be looking for areas to improve.

The security industry is always changing and developing in response to the constantly evolving risks faced by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As one of the top security firms in the nation, at Select Solutions we are constantly reviewing and improving our services and technologies to meet the modern security needs of our clients.

To be able to do this effectively, we must stay fully up-to date with the latest developments in the security world. One of the biggest factors determining our approach to security is what the biggest threats are to our clients at any one time. Once we have identified this, we can begin to develop a security system to mitigate the risks they face.

We have already started planning for 2024 to ensure that we are fully prepared to help our clients tackle it head-on when it arrives and have done a huge amount of research into what the biggest security threats will be based on historical data, future predictions, and the experiences of our highly trained staff in the field.

To help you plan more effectively and set yourself up for a fantastic 2024, we have put together a list of some of the biggest physical security threats to be aware of going into the new year.

Flexible working arrangements

Flexible working is fantastic for your employees but can make managing physical security in an office or similar commercial setting a serious challenge.

Ever since Covid, many employers have given their staff the option to work from home, and many change their working location on a day-to-day basis. This can make it very difficult for your security team to track who is inside your premises.

Confusion over who is allowed access to your site, and indeed who is on your site at any one time, can leave you open to security breaches so it is vital that you have an effective access control system in place that tracks this for you. Modern access control gates from Select Solutions are powered by biometric technology such as fingerprint scanners, making it much harder for unauthorised individuals to gain access.

Cyber Attacks

Yes, yes, we know we said physical security threats, but in the modern world physical security and cyber security go hand in hand.

Lose control of one and you lose control of the other. If you are hacked, not only is your data, and that of your clients, under threat but it could be possible for the perpetrator to disable or take control of your physical security measures, compromising your entire site.

On the other hand, lose control of your physical premises and computer terminals or similar technology could be used to access your sensitive data.

Security should be viewed as a whole rather than as individual measures for maximum protection.

Fuel Theft

The value of fuel has soared over the past few years thanks to a combination of global supply issues, a return to ‘normal’ activity, and the greed of fuel providers.

This has put pressure on any business that uses vehicles on a day-to-day basis and has also prompted a significant increase in the number of fuel theft incidents.

Construction sites are particularly prone to such attacks and we specialise in delivering security systems that guard vehicles and high-power machinery particularly closely. Mobile CCTV towers are just one of the innovative security technologies we offer that are particularly effective in remote settings such as building sites where amenities may be limited.


Theft has always been one of the biggest security threats faced by businesses across the globe and there is no sign that this will be changing in 2024. In fact, as economic uncertainty looks set to grow, we may well see a rise in valuable asset theft next year.

Ensure that you do not contribute to this statistic by installing a comprehensive security system on your property incorporating measures such as CCTV, access control gates, security guards, and alarm systems into one powerful anti-thief system.

The security world is constantly moving, and Select Solutions are here to help you keep up. Get in touch today to learn more about building a future proof security system.