Meet the V360 CCTV Tower with deep learning and artificial intelligence.

We’ve always aimed to use the best technology for the construction security sector. V360 CCTV technology, which makes use of artificial intelligence, is the pinnacle of CCTV towers.

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Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for
Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for

Auto Tracking Camera with 360° View

Intruders are spotted early and monitored until responders arrive with the 360° Auto-tracking PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) camera. This system is fully auto-tracking, meaning it can detect and follow intruders.

40 Metre Detection Zone

A 40 metres detection zone offers unparalleled coverage and ensures your site is fully protected.

Virtual Tripwires

Secure high-risk areas with the use of virtual tripwires. An intruder will instantly trigger an alert if they happen to trip one of these invisible lines.

Intruder Detection

Our cameras are capable of instantly detecting intruders and sending alerts to make sure your area is kept secure.

Low-Light, High Visibility

Ultra low light technology makes use of the moon's ambient light to provide crisp images at night, even when the sky is at its darkest.

Telescopic 7m Mast

Unrivalled coverage with infrared technology ensures intruders are identified regardless of the conditions.

Audio Warnings

Trespassers will be warned and scared away by a voice box with a pre-recorded alert.

A.I. Analytics

False reports and activations are reduced thanks to the artificial intelligence system.

Access Remotely

Changes to the system based on your changing needs are fast and simple to make with remote access.

50/60 FPS

Our CCTV system captures 50/60 frames per second, meaning images are clear and easy to interpret.

Recording in 4K

No need to worry about grainy or unclear images as our camera systems are capable of recording in 4K for ultra-sharp images.

4 TB Storage

Storing hours of video recordings isn't an issue, thanks to the camera's built-in 4TB hard drive.

Intelligent Mobile App

You can download our dedicated app to check up on your site and view any alerts whenever you need to.

Component Box with IP Rating

Housing has an IP (Ingress Protection) rating and a slide-out tray for fast and simple access to the components.

Data Transmission Ready for 5G

For a quick response, we send all video data over 5G to our ACS-accredited monitoring station. This means images and alerts are transmitted instantly, preventing delays.


Our comprehensive building site CCTV coverage has been recognised as Secured by Design by the police. We're a market-leading contractor using highly specialised technology to keep your site secure.


Our V360 CCTV Towers provides our customers with unrivalled coverage and a wide range of high-tech features. It's also surprisingly simple to set up, and our crew can do it even in tough situations.


Our CCTV Towers are ideal for high-risk projects where a quick response is required to prevent theft, vandalism, and more. Ideal for use on construction sites that require a high degree of security.


Our technology is world-leading, packed with sophisticated features, and capable of providing unrivalled protection for your construction site, as you’d expect from a firm that pioneered the construction CCTV market over 20 years ago.

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The PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera is mounted on a 7-meter extendable pole and can record continuously in 360 degrees. Once a target has been selected, the PTZ camera automatically tracks the subject, keeping the intruder in view, allowing our ACS Accredited monitoring staff to precisely advise you and the police of the intruder’s whereabouts at any time. While your reaction processes are being activated, your smart app will allow you to access the footage.

The tracking action of a PTZ camera can be activated manually or by pre-defined conditions. The camera bursts into action and locks on to the subject once one of the triggering conditions is satisfied, recording the entire time.

Low light technology is critical in providing an efficient CCTV security system for construction sites because most intrusions occur at night when work has ended.

Our cameras aren’t just equipped with low-light technology; they’re also equipped with ultra-low-light technology, which allows them to capture colour details in light as low as 0.005 lux. Even in very dark areas, the outcome is crisp footage and visuals.

A full moon on a clear night produces about 0.27 lux, and a quarter moon-lit night produces about 0.01 lux. Therefore the 0.005 lux capacity of our V360 Analytic CCTV Tower camera will detect intruders even on the darkest of nights.

Virtual tripwires can be installed anywhere within view using our Analytic CCTV Towers for construction sites. This feature enables for effective protection of vital locations, as well as auditory and visual warnings in the case of an intrusion, all while we implement the agreed-upon protocols to best secure your facility and property.

These virtual tripwires may be accessed remotely and quickly re-deployed to ensure that your project’s security is maintained as development advances.

Check-in on your site and personnel with our app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices. You may access your cameras from anywhere in the world at any time.

The standard range of our Analytic CCTV Towers for construction sites can be expanded by adding connected, static cameras. These extra units are connected to your tower and allow you to expand or maintain coverage as your project proceeds.

Our solar-powered Analytic CCTV Tower for construction sites allows you to install an excellent CCTV system without having to use a generator during the day to charge the battery, allowing your tower to operate at night and provide the protection it was meant for.

Our V360 Eco Tower enables enterprises and sites without a generator to access our industry-leading construction CCTV system at a lower cost than operating a generator solely to power your CCTV.

According to a survey by insurers Allianz Cornhill, the construction industry in the UK suffers losses of almost £800 million each year due to vandalism and theft. Research has shown that the majority of these massive losses are due to the costs of hiring substitute products, replacing those same items, lost business, and increases in insurance premiums.

Theft – According to the Chartered Institute of Building’s (CIOB) 2016 Report on Crime in the Construction Industry, 21% of the 1,100 construction professionals surveyed had experienced theft in the week before the survey. If that wasn’t terrible enough, a whopping 92 % said they were victims of theft at least once a year, with many reporting it on a weekly or monthly basis!

Vandalism – According to the same CIOB report, 91% of those polled said they had been the victims of vandalism. Fences and locks may dissuade the casual invader, but a CCTV Tower is required to deter hardened burglars and prevent significant equipment damage.


Analytic CCTV Towers have been used in a variety of construction and rehabilitation projects. Construction businesses, housebuilders, housing organizations, builders, local governments, and others are typical clientele.


Our service comes with 100% free site surveys and quotes. On top of this, we also do post-install inspections, and our service managers visit your site on a regular basis to guarantee your security system continues to provide effective protection of your site as it expands.

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We don’t simply sell towers; we also construct and install them. When you order one of our systems, a service manager and engineer will visit your site to supervise the installation and ensure that the CCTV system is functioning as it should.

Our engineers have a thorough understanding of our own product, so installation is always quick and painless. We recognize that construction sites are dynamic areas with their own set of challenges, and that’s why we ensure that the process is as quick and efficient as possible. Because we have engineers that are intimately familiar with our goods, there is a low risk of issues emerging throughout the installation.

We undertake post-installation visits to confirm that your V360 system is adjusted correctly for your location and is providing the coverage you require. After installation, we aim to complete our post-install visits within ten working days.

A Service Manager will visit your site and inspect the CCTV Tower every quarter to check the setup and ensure that the existing deployment still meets the demands as the project progresses. They will also recommend any additional equipment requirements or any configuration adjustments.

If our normal quarterly visits aren’t enough, we can also schedule site visits at predetermined project milestones.

In the event of an incident, we have dedicated staff that will arrive on-site to do any necessary investigations and audit the system to guarantee everything runs properly after the incident.

We can install, examine, adjust, or upgrade your system fast and without issues, thanks to our nationwide fleet of CCTV Towers, Engineers, and Service Managers.

In order to further assist you in protecting your building site, we also provide the following services:

  • Alarm Response
  • Keyholding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Security Guards
  • Access Control

Select Solutions has a specialized support team on hand to assist you in safeguarding your building site. Our knowledgeable experts can rapidly examine your site’s security needs and give a comprehensive coverage plan as well as a full proposal, all at no cost.

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