We take pride in ensuring that all of the work we do is ethical.

Our company fosters ethical behaviour at the very core of all our operations. From our charitable endeavours to our extensive welfare and wellbeing programmes, we care about our staff, clients and communities.

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Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for
Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for


It’s one thing to say you act ethically, and it’s another to show it in all you do. We always aspire to set a standard for all other businesses may follow, not just in the security field.

We understand that we have a responsibility to make a good impact on the environment, our employees’ wellbeing, and the communities in which we work. As a result, we take care to ensure that every level of our business is ethical and socially conscious.

When it comes to our social responsibilities, continuous improvement is important. We are confident in our ability to function at a high level, incorporating societal and environmental considerations into all of our services without our standards dropping.

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Giving back to the community is important to us and forms a large part of our company culture. As responsible citizens of our local communities, we’ve developed essential police liaison partnerships. With our security and training investments, we hope to make a positive difference. We recognise the potential for future employment by engaging and encouraging young people into our apprenticeship programmes, taking into account the needs of our local communities. Through safety and development, we aspire to be a constructive force in the community.

  • Reach out visits
  • Police liaison
  • Online guidance (social media)
  • Police interaction
  • Apprenticeships

We care deeply about the environment and want to make sure that we have as little negative impact as possible. As a result, we’re dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint year after year, reducing our environmental impact, and developing long-term solutions. We’ve recently reduced the amount of waste produced and the amount of electricity used in all of our operations. Contributions to the preservation and protection of the environment are both good for us and necessary for business.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously at Select Solutions, and we strive to make significant improvements wherever we can. We are undeniably ethical in everything we do.

  • Before the end of 2021, we aim to conduct an external EMS audit against ISO 14001-2015.
  • Before June 2021, 100% of our staff will have completed Environmental Awareness Training.
  • Before the end of Q1-2021, set up a monitoring system to track the following:
  • CO2 emissions are reduced each year.
  • Reduce our office’s overall electricity use.
  • Sensor lighting is being installed.
  • Recycled waste and remove anything else for landfill
  • Fuel consumption
  • Reduction in paper usage
  • Measure environmental impact for Q-2021 and take steps to cut costs by 5% each quarter.

We track all of our vehicles’ activities to ensure that we utilise them as little as possible, as well as scheduling their use in a way that results in the least amount of trip. In addition, we are in the process of converting our fleet of vehicles to hybrid automobiles.