Stewards vs Security guards: Which should you hire for your next event?

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Stewards vs Security guards: Which should you hire for your next event?

Events require a huge amount of planning to be successful and security should be number one on your priority list.

No matter if it is a sports match, concert, business gathering, or any other special occasion you are hosting you need to put precautions in place to protect all in attendance and keep the day running as smoothly as possible.

Two of the most valuable assets to have at an event are security guards and event stewards. Both of these groups are responsible for maintaining order throughout the event, keeping an eye out for trouble, and reassuring guests.

Their goal is the same as yours. A safe, enjoyable occasion that goes off without a hitch. Whilst they do share the same objective, there are significant differences between the two roles.

These differences include the training that you need to go through to take on the role, the tasks they are legally allowed to perform, and the responsibilities you should give them at your event.

In this article we will look at all of this, and much more besides, giving you a better understanding of security guards and stewards when planning your next event.

At Select Solutions, we provide both SIA licenced security guard services and stewarding services so who better to call to arrange security for your next event or to answer any questions you may have.

What are the responsibilities of security guards and stewards

Event Security Guard Responsibilities

Event Security guards undergo far more extensive security training than stewards and will be the ones who take primary responsibility for your event security on the day. They will coordinate with attendees, staff from both the venue and any you bring in, and the stewardship team to ensure a cohesive approach to site security.

During the event some of the tasks that security guards may perform include:

Controlling Access

Security guards may be asked to manage the entry points to the venue, checking tickets and verifying IDs before allowing access. They will usually be consulted beforehand regarding queue management and ensuring that there are no bottlenecks or opportunities to approach undetected.

Emergency response

In the event of an emergency of any kind, be it a medical emergency, a fire, a violent confrontation, or anything else, security guards will be responsible for keeping attendees safe and overseeing any evacuation. They will often work with first aiders, the police, and other emergency services as part of this role.

Conflict management

This is where security guards differ most from stewards. As part of their SIA training, security guards learn how to resolve conflicts as quickly and safely as possible. Should a confrontation between attendees occur, security guards will be responsible for dissolving tensions.

Event Steward Responsibilities

The role of steward falls somewhere between a security role and a customer service role. They still play an important role in managing large crowds and minimising risk but undergo more training on communication skills and health and safety rather than conflict management and emergency response.

Their responsibilities during an event include:

Answering questions

Stewards will often be asked questions by attendees and will assist wherever they can regarding the layout of the venue, timings, and seating arrangements. They will usually have completed some form of prior training where they will get to know the venue itself in as much detail as possible to allow them to perform this role better.

Queue Management

Stewards will keep an eye on queues at entrance points alongside security guards, but also at food stalls, merch stalls, and other indoor areas. Whilst security guards are almost solely focussed on security, stewards will help to ease congestion wherever they can and focus more on attendee experience.


Stewards are often asked to act as a liaison between general staff and attendees and security guards. Security guards have an incredibly important duty on the day of the event and will be extremely busy throughout. If there is important information they need to know, they need to know it as quickly as possible but don’t need a constant drone of information coming at them from all angles. Stewards can deal with the vast majority of situations and will only pass the responsibility on if it is beyond their remit or they believe security guards can handle the situation more safely.

Both security guards and stewards are incredibly valuable during any event, which is why we offer them both here at Select Solutions. They both have their own unique roles and responsibilities but come together to ensure that events run as smoothly and safely as they possibly can.