The key to construction site security

Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for
Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for

The key to construction site security

Being in charge of security on a construction project is an incredibly big responsibility.

Fail to abide by the industry safety rules and regulations and your project could be put on hold or even abandoned. Much more seriously, failing to put the right security in place could put the lives of workers, visitors, and those in the nearby area in serious danger.

Construction sites are extremely busy places with constant comings and goings, heavy machinery being used across the site, and vehicles moving around throughout the area.

All this activity creates a number of security risks that must be carefully managed to protect human health and to create a safe and productive environment.

In this blog, we will examine what these risks are as well as walking you through some of the most effective security measures that can be taken to protect you and your construction site against them.

What security threats do construction sites face?

There are two main sources of potential danger on a construction site. Firstly, a lack of health and safety regulation and secondly external threats such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing.

Both have the potential to do untold harm to your construction project.

Health and safety is incredibly important on any construction site. There are people working at height, people operating heavy machinery, people in trenches, people moving vehicles. All need to be made aware of their health and safety responsibilities. At least this is under control. With the right team in place and the right educational strategy you can create a safe working environment for your employees.

Criminal activity is a lot harder to control, and poses a serious threat to the construction industry in the UK. Theft and vandalism causes over £800m worth of damages to the industry every year with a plethora of expensive tools, materials, and other assets needed on site at the same time.

A risk assessment should be carried out on your site to determine how susceptible you are to criminal activity, but the fact is that all construction sites are potential targets for wrongdoers.

At Select Solutions, we work closely with construction and infrastructure projects across the nation to protect them against external threats. The challenge may seem enormous but with the right security measures in place it is more than possible to provide effective protection against criminals and other security concerns on even the largest of construction site.

Security Solutions for Construction Sites

Security guards

Having a security guard presence on your construction site is the ultimate way to protect yourself against unauthorised access. We have some of the most highly trained SIA licenced security officers anywhere in the UK and operate a completely bespoke service with their duties and responsibilities determined by your specific needs and requirements.

Security guards will patrol your construction site on the hunt for suspicious activity and deliver reports you can use to optimise your future security. They can operate your CCTV, oversee access control, educate your staff, and generally ensure your site is a safe place to work.

If required a security dog patrol could be implemented as well. All the security measures on this list are great deterrents to criminals, but none more so than the sight of a security dog unit.


CCTV cameras are a must for construction sites these days. If fixed CCTV is not an option, a CCTV tower should be installed to protect key areas. CCTV cameras record everything, reassuring your staff and scaring away intruders who want to avoid detection. Top-end CCTV tower systems will even monitor your site overnight and send an alert to a local security company in the event of an emergency. This can be combined with keyholding and alarm response services to ensure there is a 24/7 real-time response in place for intrusions.

Access Control Systems

Control who comes into your site and you have a much better chance of controlling what happens there. Technology has made access control easier than ever in recent years and there are not a variety of different ways to verify the identity of someone entering your site.

Security passes and keycodes have been replaced by biometric fingerprint scanners and intercoms, allowing your security team to grant access only to those with the required authority.