What Security Do You Need at Your Event?

Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for
Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for

What Security Do You Need at Your Event?

Many people mistakenly see event security as one single service with the exact same security measures required no matter the type of event, the size of the venue, or the number of attendees.

The reality, however, is very different and there is a lot more to consider when arranging security for your event than simply hiring a bunch of security guards to oversee proceedings.

Think about it, a political conference has very little in common with a big football match. Both are events, both need security, but they both have very different potential threats that need to be dealt with and the security strategy for them should be just as different.

At Select Solutions, we are renowned nation-wide for the effectiveness of our event security, mainly because we create a bespoke security strategy for each and every different event we handle.

If you are planning an event, it is crucial that you understand the different types of event security and the importance of choosing a security firm that specialises in handling similar events to your own.

That is exactly what this blog will do.

Types of Event Security

Sporting Events

Sporting events can attract many thousands of people and are often the events that require the largest number of security staff on site. A highly charged emotional atmosphere, often heightened by the presence of alcohol can be a recipe for disaster if the correct security measures are not put in place.

Just some of the security measures that should be taken at all sporting events include car park security, strict access control, and the presence of security staff highly trained in crowd management, conflict resolution, and basic first aid. CCTV is also incredibly useful for monitoring large numbers of people at once.

Although we have put sporting events into a single category, the exact security required will depend on the nature of the event itself. At the Olympics, for example, security guards and access control is essential to protecting attendees but the risk of altercations between spectators is rare.

The same cannot be said for a rival football match between two rival teams, however, where more stewards and security guards will be required inside the venue to keep opposing fans apart.

When planning your sporting event, make sure to take this into consideration.

Corporate Event Security

At the other end of the spectrum from the many thousands attending sporting events, we have corporate events, where the number of attendees rarely exceeds double figures.

This doesn’t mean that security is any less essential, however, as these events are often attended by high worth individuals and can be the target of protests or the theft of extremely valuable goods or information.

The invite list is usually small and highly confidential and many of the attendees may well have their own personal security team in place. Security staff at these events will usually wear suits to maintain the image of the company and will take extensive precautions to prevent any risk of unauthorised access.

If your company is hosting another firm, potentially leading to a business deal or even a merger, having suitable security is essential to instilling confidence in the other party and creating a great first impression.

Music Festivals and Concerts

Joyous occasions that usually pass with very few incidents, music festivals and concerts may, at first appear to have few security requirements.

Over the past decades, however, we have all seen far too clearly the devastating consequences of people will ill-intentions gaining access to these venues. The Manchester Arena bombing in the UK, highlighted in the worst possible way the importance of security searches and strict access control at any event where many people gather in a single location.

It is essential that all possible steps are taken to avoid attendees bringing any weapons or other illicit items into a music venue. Security sniffer dogs, metal detectors, and airport security style access gates are some of the security measures frequently used to keep festivals and concerts as safe as they can possibly be.

At Select Solutions, we frequently handle security at sporting events, concerts, festivals, political rallies, corporate gatherings, personal parties, and more.

Our expert team are highly experienced and have all the knowledge and expertise to identify the specific threats that your event faces and put the right security measures in place to eliminate as much risk as possible. Call us now to ensure your next event is a fantastic success.