Why Security is the Key to Construction Project Success

Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for
Logos of several companies that Select Solutions work for

Why Security is the Key to Construction Project Success

It is no secret that costs are rising across the nation, and construction site managers and developers are feeling the strain as much as anyone else.

Materials, vehicle hire, and fuel; all have risen significantly in price in recent times, and keeping your construction project under budget has never been more of a challenge.

Add the replacement of stolen goods, the repair of damaged assets, and rising insurance premiums into the mix and the very future of your firm could come under threat.

Crime has never been more of a threat to the construction business than it is today, and it is absolutely vital that you put security measures in place to protect yourself against it.

Do this well and the chances of your project being completed on time and under budget rise significantly.


What has caused the rise in construction costs?

There are many contributing factors to the increased financial pressures felt by many construction site managers.

The main ones include:

  • Increased Material Costs – Supply chain issues and general inflation have led to a significant rise in the cost of building materials since the end of the Covid-19 Lockdowns. Brexit has hardly helped matters either with increased regulations on the import of materials from abroad.
  • Inflation – Inflation rates are at an all time high, something that has been felt in every single industry in the UK, including the construction industry.
  • Criminal Activity – During lockdown theft and vandalism rates dropped noticeably, but they are now back with a vengeance. The construction industry now loses around £800m every single year as a result of these crimes alone. Crime is widely considered as the single biggest threat to the success of a construction project and many building firms have fallen by the wayside following a particularly devastating incident.


How to protect a construction site against crime

Fortunately, there are a plethora of options available to construction site managers to reduce expenditure on their site. Putting the following security measures in place is a big step towards a crime free premises where the risk of unexpected costs is as low as it can possibly be.

CCTV Towers

There has been a lot of doom and gloom in recent years when it comes to preventing crime on construction sites. One beacon of light, however, has been the rise of CCTV towers that provide 24/7 protection against intruders, even when the site is left empty.

These towers now come with all sorts of innovative features including audio warnings issued to anyone who comes too close, virtual tripwires that protect key areas, and deep AI learning that eliminates false alarms. Install one of these and you can save money by reducing your reliance on manned guarding without

Access Control Technologies

Turnstiles and ID scanners will help to prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing your construction site. The last thing you need is to focus your security around the perimeter only for an intruder to come waltzing through the front gate.

For maximum protection, look for access control gates that utilise biometric technology such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition instead of the standard keycard access.

Top of the range scanners will give you complete control over who is allowed in and out of your site at any point and can be customised from afar. Say you suddenly need to approve a vehicle to deliver materials at the weekend but don’t have staff on site. With the right access control gate, this can be organised automatically.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Some construction sites, particularly smaller ones, simply can’t afford 24/7 manned security guarding services. This doesn’t mean that they need to accept the fact that there is nothing they can do if an intruder finds their way onto the premises.

With a monitored alarm system in place, any alarm activations will trigger a live response from security officers stationed at a local alarm monitoring centre who will deal with the incident in real-time. If deemed necessary they will contact the police or other relevant emergency service and liaise with them once they have arrive on site to manage the situation.

Insurance companies will often offer a discount on their premiums if alarm monitoring is in place as they recognise the reduced risk of theft or vandalism it creates.